The mortgage loan is one of the most powerful debt instruments in the world. It grants borrowers the chance to obtain a home, even though the repayment conditions are strict. Mortgages are also volatile because their rates are constantly changing. Yet, even though a mortgage can set you back financially, the feeling of having your own home is worth the catch.

Before applying for a mortgage loan, you have to determine if you are ready. Listed below are the top four signs that indicate mortgage readiness.

Financial Discipline

Image result for Financial DisciplineFinancial discipline is an important aspect lacked by many borrowers. With such discipline, you’d think twice before buying things that you don’t need. Also, financial discipline is all about long-term planning. Under a mortgage agreement, you cannot afford mishaps. The loan can take years before it’s actually finished. Whenever you fall short on payments, the bank will foreclose and repossess your home. This can be stressful for you and your family. To gauge if you’re financially disciplined, observe your spending habits. What are the things that you keep on buying? Are they assets or liabilities? Are you pleasure-oriented or progress-oriented? These questions can properly guide you towards financial discipline.

Above Average Monthly IncomeRelated image

To become qualified for mortgage, you need to have above average monthly income. Check your finances. If you barely scrape by, then you’re not yet ready for mortgage loans. As a rule of thumb, you need to have at least two sources of income. This will help you sustain all of your monthly needs, along with mortgage fees. You don’t need a six-figure income. You just need an income rate that will give you lots of financial leverage while paying for your mortgage. This way, you won’t be trapped.

Genuine Interest in Real Estate

Mortgage loans are totally affected by the changes in the real estate arena. Whenever new housing prices are introduced, mortgage rates will shift. If you’re not interested in real estate, you’re gonna have a difficult time. True – you can always hire the services of a mortgage advisor or a real estate analyst. But it’s beneficial to make your own observations. There are thousands of information materials that can help you understand real estate. This can be done in just few hours. You only need the basic concepts since you’re not aiming for certification.


Image result for FinancialAdept financial strategists know that financial plans are not perfect. There are several situations that can challenge your plan. What if an event breaks your plan and leaves you scrambling for pieces? You need to develop the key trait of adaptability. If you cannot adapt, the financial jungle will tear you apart. Mortgages are the beasts of such jungle. It has the potential to push you to your limits. So, learn how to adapt! Learn how to be proactive whenever situations appear in front of you.

Do you have these four signs that indicate mortgage readiness? If not, then you shouldn’t lose hope. Step back for a while, then draft a plan. Create a bird’s eye view of your life and determine your key challenges. Consult your family so you can have second opinions. Once you think you’re ready for the mortgage stretch, start your application today!